Broken Capillaries (Telangiectasia) Treatment

Lenzie Clinic offers Telangiectasia treatment with the latest laser technology for effective, safe treatment.


Telangiectasia is a common skin condition that primarily affects those with fair skin. The causes are mainly hormonal, hereditary, or due to sun damage. It appears as small, dilated capillaries on the surface of the skin.

At Lenzie Clinic we have invested in the latest development in laser technology for broken capillaries treatment. It uses a specific wavelength (585nm) that is absorbed by the colour red, destroying the vessels without causing damage to surrounding tissue, making it safe and effective for both vessels and cherry angioma.

Does broken capillaries treatment hurt?

The 585nm laser has an inbuilt chiller to assure your comfort. The feeling has been likened to a stinging sensation but it is perfectly tolerable.

How many treatments will I require?

Most capillaries respond well with only one treatment but there may be the need for more treatments if the damage is extensive.

How much does it cost?

The cost will be discussed at your free consultation when we can assess the extent of the area to be treated, but the average facial treatment is $450 per session.

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