Melasma Treatment

Lenzie Clinic offers melasma treatment with a specially developed laser that gently targets darkened skin. 


Melasma is notoriously difficult to treat, but not impossible. It appears as darkened skin and is caused by the overproduction of melanin through genetics, hormones or certain medications. It is more common in women with darker skin tones, but not exclusive to them.

At Lenzie Clinic we use a specially developed laser to gently target the brown pigment during melasma treatment. It is crucial that melasma is treated with skill as there is a danger of hyperpigmentation with treatment, which can make the condition appear worse. This is something we take very seriously so you can be assured that all precaution is taken to prevent any adverse effect.

Does it hurt?

The laser used for melasma comes with an in-built chiller to assure your comfort. The pain has been likened to a stinging sensation but it is perfectly tolerable.

How many treatments will I require?

You will see results following one treatment but there will be the need for more treatments as melasma must be treated at a gentle power level. The number of treatments will be dependent on the depth of the melasma and also to what extent you want it removed.

How much does it cost?

Cost can be discussed at your free consultation when we can assess the extent of the area to be treated but the average facial treatment is $450 per session.

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