Lenzie Clinic offers a premium service in laser and body sculpting treatments in Wellington. We use only the latest, most respected equipment on the market to ensure our customers’ comfort and safety at all times.

Skilled staff

Skilled Staff

Lenzie Clinic is owned and run by a Registered Nurse. All staff at Lenzie Clinic complete specialised laser training at the NZ Laser Training Institute and are mentored until able to work independently.

One size does not fit all with laser therapies and our friendly staff are skilled in tailoring individual treatments to account for skin type and age. During your free consultation, you will be equipped with our expert advice and all the information required to make an informed decision about your treatment.



Lenzie Clinic - Integrity

We do not over-promise on treatment results, as that can lead to disillusionment and we do not pretend that our therapies are a panacea for all conditions. We understand that all body and skin types respond differently to treatments and we work within the parameters of what is safe yet effective for our clients. You will not be disappointed in your treatments as you will commence your courses with realistic expectations.


There is a multitude of laser equipment available on the international market. We have taken time to thoroughly investigate the advantages and disadvantages of each device and have purchased what we regard as the very best available, which is why all of our equipment is Italian. Client safety is our priority, so we not only take into account treatment outcomes but also the safety features integrated into our lasers. The result is that our customers are completely protected from harm during every treatment.

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