Warts and Verrucas Removal

Lenzie Clinic offers safe and effective warts and verrucas removal in the Wellington region. Find out more about our laser treatment for removal here.


Warts can be unsightly, and verrucas (Plantar Warts) can be painful, which is why many opt for warts and verrucas removal.

They are mainly caused by the same viruses, HPV1 or HPV2. You are more at risk of developing warts if your immune system is compromised, or if there has been disruption to the natural barrier of your skin.
Warts will eventually clear up by themselves but this can take up to two years in adults. Meanwhile, you run the risk of infecting others and many are self-conscious of their appearance.

At Lenzie Clinic we have invested in a laser with the ideal wavelength to target the basal cell layer of the skin, which is where warts take hold. The heat build-up from the laser treatment kills the virus safely and effectively.

Does it hurt?

Our laser comes with an in-built chiller to assure your comfort. The feeling has been likened to a stinging sensation but it is perfectly tolerable.

How much does it cost?

Warts and verrucas: $90 each

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