Fat Reduction

Fat reduction treatment can help to renew and rebuild your confidence. Learn more about Lenzie Clinic’s fat reduction treatment in Wellington here.


Lenzie Clinic is proud to be the first in New Zealand to offer fat reduction treatments with Onda Coolwaves by Deka.

This revolutionary system uses electromagnetic currents to accelerate the metabolism of fat cells, making them sweat and break down. This is very different from a fat freezing procedure.

Onda Coolwaves is a safe, non-invasive and comfortable treatment which delivers great results in body contouring with no downtime.

Does fat reduction hurt?

Treatment is not painful. You will experience a warm sensation that is more pleasant than unpleasant. Sometimes you may experience a slight ache the following day in the abdominal area, but it can be easily treated with a mild pain killer.

How much does it cost?

We treat in areas of 15cm by 15cm. The first area to be treated will cost $350. Each additional area will cost $250. Please note that we do not treat more than four areas at one appointment.

How long is the treatment?

It takes around 15 minutes to treat an area of 15cm by 15cm.

When will I see results?

You will notice results straight away but the full benefit of the treatment will be seen six weeks following your appointment. It is important to note that this treatment must go hand in hand with a healthy diet and exercise to be successful.

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