Rosacea Treatment

Our Rosacea treatment is very safe and effective while also treating other conditions that cause redness.


Rosacea is a type of chronic rash causing redness in the face which can affect people usually from the age of 30 years onward. There are certain trigger factors, including sun exposure, alcohol and diet that can make rosacea flare up but for those who have the condition it is always there at varying degrees. It tends to get more exaggerated as we age and the visibility of rosacea can make people feel self-conscious.

At Lenzie Clinic we use a specially developed laser which produces a specific wavelength that gets absorbed by the redness in your skin, without causing harm to surrounding tissue. It is therefore very safe and effective in treating rosacea and other conditions that cause redness.

Does it hurt?

The laser used for rosacea comes with an inbuilt chiller to assure your comfort. The pain has been likened to a stinging sensation but it is perfectly tolerable.

How many treatments will I require?

You will see results following one treatment but there may be the need for more treatments if your rosacea is chronic.

How much does it cost?

Cost can be discussed at your free consultation when we can assess the extent of the area to be treated but the average facial treatment is $450 per session.

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