Skin tags

Skin tag treatment at Lenzie Clinic uses focused laser energy to remove growths.


Skin tags (acrochordons) are harmless growths that usually develop where skin has been rubbing against skin, jewellery or clothing. They tend to be the same colour or darker than your skin tone. Some dangle from a stalk, while others are fixed to your skin.

At Lenzie Clinic we use the latest laser technology to remove skin tags. Laser treatment is not only effective but is non-invasive. It works by targeting and vaporising only the skin tag, leaving the surrounding skin untouched. You may require more than one treatment depending on the depth of the growth.

Does it hurt?

The pain has been likened to a stinging sensation but is perfectly tolerable.

How much does skin tag treatment cost?

Cost varies depending on the number and size of the skin tags. We will discuss cost at your free consultation.

Will the treatment leave scarring?

The treatment will not cause scarring if after-care instructions given at the clinic are followed. There will be crusting and perhaps some blistering of the treated areas following lasering but full healing will occur in 7 to 14 days.

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